So I just finished watching the first and second seasons of Free!

Every time Makoto looked at Haru or Haru looked at Makoto, I just felt that they were going to kiss. They’re so loving with each other. Am I imagining things? Is their relationship supposed to be romantic or platonic?

the-black-russian said: Ahhhhh! You got my message! Lol but Makoto or Rin would be great! Or even Sousuke from the newer season would be great.. :D
the-black-russian said: Agreed! Rin was definitely better in Season 2 than season 1. He had a major rager for Haruka.. But Makoto my love.. ❤️ Sousuke is a new piece of eye candy that has a slight sadistic side .. Mhmm

Wahaha, you can’t fool me~ I knew it was you, Saru-chan! ;D I’d never ignore your message~♥

Yeah, I didn’t want to say it, but to the point where I’ve gotten in season 1, Rin definitely seems overly attached to Haru. Like, am I watching a shounen ai or is this Naruto and Sasuke swim version, or? I like Makoto, too. And I know nothing about Sousuke, but I like his body.

So, Makoto or Rin or Sousuke? Hmm

littlestarprincess said: Haha, IKR? Although I like Rin a lot in Season 2, because he’s grown a lot and it’s just like u////u;;;; STOP BEING SO MATURE AND MANLY OKAY!? But then Haruka’s just like *flails* and I honestly don’t think I can like one more than the other .___.;;

So he matures? That’s good. I’m on episode 6, and I feel like he needs a chill pill. But what’s funny is that for the last few episodes, Makoto has looked like he’s been 100% done with everything. He has some funny expressions.

littlestarprincess said: Haruka is a Cancer and Rin is an Aquarius~~~~ But I’d choose Haruka too. He’s my precious bby u-u

Ahh, no wonder I like Haruka more.

Rin is really grumpy at the start, you know. I can’t side with a guy who can’t answer his little sister’s messages, and Kou’s really cute. I don’t care how big his muscles are or how ginger he is. In any case, the curtains must match the drapes.

littlestarprincess said: … . . I’d be down for a polyamorous relationship with Haruka, R-chan and Rin. NGL. That sounds pretty cool.

I don’t write threesomes. ♥

Hm, but if I had to choose between Haruka and Rin, I’d choose Haruka. But Rin isn’t bad either. Do you know their signs?

littlestarprincess said: waaaaaaaaaaaaatch it. and also i’m not that anon but harukaaaaaaa ;A; riiiiiiiiin /pets your face

I’m watching it right now~♥

But Haruka or Rin? Or Haruka and Rin?

Yo, Rougeberry-chan! Have you thought about writing some Iwatobi Swim Club fanfic? I'd know you do the series justice!

Well, I haven’t watched the series yet, so I wasn’t planning on writing anything, but since you asked I’ll definitely try! ♥ I know all of the characters by name. Do you have a pairing with R-chan in mind that you’d like for me to write? ;D

I want to write a romance like the Doctor’s and River Song’s someday. ♥


girls who were bullied most of their life and gain confidence at one point should be feared most because they dont take anyone’s shit no longer and they will destroy you if you think otherwise

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